Reusable Reversible Wrapping Paper

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This reusable REVERSIBLE gift wrap is made with cotton fabric and closes with Velcro instead of tape! Each wrap has a holiday pattern on one side and a gender neutral Happy Birthday OR cupcake pattern (depending on availability) on the reverse side.

I designed this reusable wrapping paper after a conversation with my daughter. She is learning through my actions and while she liked the idea of reusable wrapping paper, she expressed that she would miss paper wrapping paper because she enjoyed the "rip" of the paper. The enjoyment of ripping the paper was part of the gift opening process. It took a few months of brainstorming, but in the end came up with this gift wrap, held closed with Velcro! When I showed her my design, her face lit up. She LOVED it!

While you CAN tie a ribbon around the wrapping for aesthetics, it is not necessary to hold the wrap closed. You can view a video of me wrapping with a ribbon on my Facebook page.

The wrapping is available in 5 different sizes to accommodate a variety of box sizes. Each wrap is adjustable up to 5" smaller in both length and width due to the Velcro. To choose the appropriate wrap size, measure the length (L), width (W) and height (H) of your box or package. To calculate wrap length - (Lx2 plus Hx2) plus 1" of overlap for the Velcro. To calculate wrap width - (Wx2 plus Hx2) plus 1" of overlap for the Velcro. If you need a custom size, please message me!

XS - 20"x13.5"
S - 25"x17"
M - 32"x22"
L - 39"x27"
XL - 43.5"x31.5"

Why is reusable gift wrap important? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate 25% more waste period between Thanksgiving and New Year's. That equates to around 1 million extra tons of trash each year! Reusable gift wrap is one way you can help reduce the amount of trash generated.

To keep my products as low waste as possible, any natural fabric scraps are composted in my home compost bin. Man made fabric scraps are used as stuffing filler in my acrylic felt items!

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~This item was crafted in a pet friendly home.